Orenius/Emanuelsson Agility seminar SYDNEY- Pre Novice

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Pre Novice seminar

Monday 10th Oct


  • Suitable for dogs from 12 months old who have as a minimun done wing work and is proficient in tunnels

  -1 FULL day for group of 12 or less

  • Total cost per dog: $215/-
  • Course content: Teaching the training of essential handling techniques such as: Front cross, Forced front cross, German, Lap turn, backhand , etc and their application in small seqeunces.
  • No weaves or contact training



Sydney International Equestrian center, Saxony Rd Horsley Park

Instructor: Isabelle Emanuelsson 1/2 day and Jouni Orenius 1/2 day

Orenius Emanuellson Agility seminar

Featuring the talented duo of Jouni Orenius and Isabelle Emanuelsson

Other Levels offered

OPEN 1 (Excellent/Masters dogs) - Thursday 6th Oct to Friday 7th Oct 2016. 2 groups

OPEN 2 (Excellent/Masters dogs) - Saturday 8th Oct to Sunday 9th Oct 2016. 2 groups

Novice - Wed 12th Oct to Thurs 13th Oct. 2 groups

Please note that the titles are only indicative of the skills of each team. As the participants of the previous seminar have realised, both Jouni and Isabelle are not only international handlers but they are also instructors of the highest calibre and their experience and skills as INSTRUCTORS have made them more than capable of attending to the varying skill sets of different teams in each group.

AUDIT SPOTS ONLY AVAILABLE : $60/- per day.Please refer to appropriate product page to purchase.

Working Spots - There maybe last minute cancellations. Please contact tsueyhiu@yahoo.com.au to be place on the waiting list.

More about the presenters:

Jouni Orenius

Started agility in 2005 with border collie, Yoko. Jouni won the bronze medal at the prestigious FCI WC and Nordic champion 2008. He now competes with Neela featured below.

Isabelle Emanuelsson

Started agility when she was 7 years old! She has been a member of the Swedish national team 6 times since she was 14 years old with both her sheltie Zindi and Border collie Noa (Black beauty). She was the youngest ever winner of the Nordic championship

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