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Paw Pods (set of 4 pods)


Paw Pods  (set of 4 pods) is a great tool for Canine fitness training for CORE, BALANCE, COORDINATION , PROPRIOCEPTION and neural stimulation of the digits(toes). 

The Paw pods are essential tools for canine fitness for all stages of the dog's life from puppyhood to senior dogs. Increase Your Dog's Limb Awareness By Teaching Your Dog How To Use Pods for Strength and Limb Awareness. 

Targeted work with Pawpods to reduce arthritis. 

The Paw Pods feature brand new sensory bumps on top for neural stimulation of the toes. The overall feel is soft so that your dog's paws can sink into them causing the toes to wrap around the bumps, stimulating the hard to get to areas.

It can be used on all 4 paws or in combination of 2 or 1.

To begin, train your dog to first stand with both his front feet on 2 pods and rear feet on a balance pad or twin disc. Then train your dog to stand with all 4 feet on 4 paw pods. 

Paw pods are also a great tool to teach your dog to stack correctly for conformations shows and correct form as a foundation for advanced fitness exercises 

The set includes four Paw Pods (available in three colors -please select). The Paw Pods are made from a firm yet soft & flexible PVC material with an air-filled chamber. The Paw Pods are shipped not inflated - please inflate using a needle pump (not included).

Adjust the challenge by changing the degree of inflation. the video attached shows different ways to use the Paw Pods.


  • Dimensions: 8x16cm
  • Sold in Set of 4 pcs. (Price is for 4 pcs)
  • Made from soft anti-slip stable PVC
  • Available in 3 different colors : Pink. Purple or Blue. Please select

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