Planet Dog Pup Orbo


A soothing chew toy for teething pups.This minty toy with a special spot for treats satisfies his urge to chew and is sized just right.

Planet Dog is aware that puppies teeth and gums are softer than adult dogs. To cater to the needs of your puppy they have developed a specially formulated Orbee-Tuff material For Pups. The special, soothing formula is gentle on puppies teeth and gums, yet tuff enough it will withstand their puppy teething habits. Like no other pup chew toys around, ours are minty, buoyant and recyclable.

It's just the right size for small dogs to carry and fetch - plus its odd shape makes it bounce unpredictably. A great way to engage pups in play and exercise.

Available in small ($15.95) and large ($24.95), the Planet Dog Pup Orbo caters for puppies off all sizes. Your puppy will love you for buying them a baby pink or baby blue Pup Orbo. Just pick your size and colour!

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