Snap around Limited Slip Training Collar

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The Snap-Around Limited Slip Collar is placed around the dog’s neck and secured with a metal snap instead of the usual plastic buckle, facilitating easy and quick removal of the collar. It has one straight tongue snap, one stationary ring, and one floating ring in a limited slip. Black hard nylon adjustable slip lock buckle and keeper fully adjustable to fit your dog.

The limited slip feature is designed to keep your dogs both safe and comfortable on their walks. The Snap-Around Limited Slip collar can be fitted loose on your dog but if your dog pulls in any direction away from you, the collar then tightens down enough so that the dog cannot slip out of the collar, but not enough to choke the dog.

Sizes Ranges:
Small (5/8" width) : 10"-13"

Medium (5/8" width) : 12"-16"

Large (1" width): 15"- 23"

X-Large (1" width) : 19"-31"


Handmade in the USA by Handcraft Collars Inc


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