Start Line and Impulse control games


Author: Julie Daniels
Format: DVD
Running Time: 1 hr 22 mins
Release date: 2008

This DVD is a live recording of a presentation at the 2007 Clean Run Instructor conference. Julie Daniels discusses how to teach a dog (and above all a high drive and high energy dog) self control using games. Learn why impulse control is a step above handler control and how to harness all that energy an impatience. Many agility handlers struggle at the start line with their super keen and super fast agility dogs. This presentation demonstrates a step by step progression of Julie’s Start Line Game and discusses also how to create an “off” switch as well as other essential rules and tools for the high drive dogs.

Although this presentation specifically discusses agility dogs, the principles of training taught here are equally useful for those competing in other dog sports such as obedience and also for pet dog owners of high energy and excitable dogs.

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