Stimulate * Engage * Reward

Steppin’ Up to Success – Book 1 Theory, Footwork, Handling and Attention


Author: Terri Arnold with Anne Paul

Format: Paperback 154 pages

Release date: 1995

In this new edition of the Three-book Steppin’ Up to Success series, Terri Arnold explores the methods she has developed over 25 years of teaching dogs to work with enthusiasm and precision. Revealing many personal insights and previously unpublished tips, Terri details the techniques she and her students follow to achieve extraordinary success.

Whether you are a novice, experienced or professional trainer, this book will show you how to:

·         Develop crystal clear communication with your dog

·         Grow and foster a relationship with your dog at home and in the ring

·         Motivate your dog using specific praise, food and specialised games

·         Utilise your dog’s natural instincts to enhance your training

·         Properly gear up to compete and ensure success at trails

·         And build rock-solid training foundation using Terri’s “ultimate” step by step attention plan!

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