The Power of training with markers

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This video was written and produced by Ed Frawley. It's goal is to introduce the dog trainer to the world of marker training in dogs. It sets the stage for the series of traning DVD's that Ed later produced with Michael Ellis.

Marker training (also called clicker training) is one of the most profound systems of training dogs.

In reality this is a training system that is not that difficult to learn. In it's most basic form it's a method of communication that is very very clear for the dog. Dogs learn the marker language quickly and when they do they thrive in the training. The marker system produces dogs that love to train.

Dog training is a learned skill. The goal of this DVD is to introduce dog trainers to the details of training with markers and demonstrate the finer points of the marker system. It not only demonstrate the use of markers in the basic commands, but also includes examples of how markers can be used in more difficulty exercises, like the retrieve and the send away.

Trainers must understand the details of this system if they are to be successful. Once they grasp the concept and learn to apply it to their training they create dogs that become problem solvers and dogs that love the work.

Marker training can be started on 8 week old puppies or older dogs. It is a purely positive method of training dogs that is 100% non-confrontational. That is one of the reasons it can work with dominant dogs. This system goes a long way towards building or repairing the bond between handler and dog.

Table of Contents:

What is Marker Training

5 Core Words of Marker Training

How to Start Marker Training

Charge the Mark

When to Use the Clicker over the Marker YES

Delivery of Reward

Placement of the Reward

How to Offer Food Rewards Safely

Low Food Drive Dogs

Vary How You Reward

Hand Muggers

Food Rewards

Ask Your Dog What He Likes

Food Rewards vs Toy Rewards

Splitting and Shaping

Shaping Raine

Back-Chain an Exercise

LURING and Signals

Training the LOOK

Luring requires an Exit Strategy

When and How Do I Stop Using Food Rewards

Marker Train a Human

Adding Commands

When a Dog Does Not Perform a Command

Screw Up Cookies - When and How to Use them

Adding Duration with "GOOD"

Handlers need to learn patience

Negative Markers

Adding Corrections

Impulse Control and Distraction

Adult Dogs; Dominant Dogs; Rescue Dogs and Marker Training

Your Voice is a Powerful Tool - Use it

Using Food Rewards to Train Your Dog



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