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Touchango Sheep Thrills Sheep fleece bungee tug

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Touchango toys are beautiful with attention to detail but also super durable for the strongest of tugging dogs ( we have a couple of those !).We have used many different toys over the years, and Touchango Toys combines all the things we like the most to create the very best toys, handmade in the UK with love.

We are very excited to introduce "Sheep Thrills" to our Touchango Toys range. 

Made from durable climbing grade webbing, the Sheep Thrills range has our Touchango Toys strong and flexible bungee handle to reduce concussive forces between you and your dog during vigorous play. The handle is of course fleece lined for a soft comfortable grip. 

The webbing is characterised by funky sheep and a herding dog, on a green and bright blue background- perfect ! Designed to encourage interactive play with your dog, to help strengthen the bond between you, have fun and give the ultimate reward in training. 

Sheep Thrills Sheep fleece bungee tug comprises a soft sheep fleece section with a strong and durable bungee sectio to protect both handler and dog from the rigors of tugging and has a fleeced line handle for added comfort.

Approximate total toy length: 50cm long 

Sheepskin section: 20cm       Color: Blue

Handmade by TouchandGo in the UK with love

Please Note; Touchango Toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. Please supervise play at all times and do not leave the dog unattended with the toy.

 Machine washable at 30 degrees, allow to dry naturally.

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