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GREEN, Polyamid rope with handle – Our tracking leads suit every need from tracking aficionados to the family member that likes the freedom to move but needs to be in contact with their human at all time.
Sturdy polyamid rope leads and strong nickel clips make this a favorite for trainers and dog sport enthusiasts around the world. IDEAL FOR RECALL TRAINING TOO.

Never lose track of your dog again with this great long leads. If you need a Long Line for your pet, your dog that is Training In Drive or your Working or Tracking Dog, take a look at ours, you won’t be disappointed.

Why do you need a long line?

Tracking is a challenging and rewarding dog sport which utilities your dog’s natural ability.

Dogs learn to use their amazing sense of smell, to follow a trail to find articles and the best reward of all, to find a track layer at the end. Handlers learn to read their dog’s body language, this enables them to trust their dog’s nose and follow them into the unknown.

Dogs that are not trained in the recall and proofed under distraction are still in training, they may be learning that they don’t have to come and this will make recall training more difficult later on. Lines are also for safety, some dogs will chase things that move, if your dog does this to a car, he could be killed, if he chases a person or another animal, he could be Declared Dangerous or worse.

They must be light enough so the dog isn’t restricted or isn’t aware that he isn’t too aware he has a line on.It must be strong enough to hold the dog at full charge.


  • Made from strong and sturdy polyamid rope
  • Available in Green
  • Size 20mtr
  • Each lead include a loop handle

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