Author: Dave Munnings
Format: DVD, 1 disc NTSC format
Length: 1 hour, 9 minutes
Release Date: 2011

Turn Me presents stage 2 of Dave Munning's internationally successful agility handling system. This DVD covers the six basic handling rules in more detail and builds on some exercises from the first DVD, Q-Me. It features effective use of the off-arm for shortening the dog's stride and also proofing physical and verbal cues.

Turn Me will teach you the groundwork exercises for:

  • Front crosses
  • Blind crosses
  • Discouraging "flicking"
  • Cutting your line
  • Pivot turns
  • Double star sequencing
  • Figure-eights on two jumps
  • And much more!

About the Author
With a firm believe that agility should be fun for both dog and handler, Dave uses only positive methods to train every level from puppies and beginners to national competitors. Focusing on consistency as the key training element, he created his own handling system and time and time again helps to produce phenomenal canine athletes and amazing partnerships. Dave is one of the UK's top agility competitors and has won every major UK national final in the last six years (including Crufts and Olympia) and has represented his country on many occasions at events such as the European Open and the FCI Agility World Championships where he won a bronze medal in 2005 and a silver medal in 2010.

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