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Make your dog work for his food or treats with the Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat by stimulating his natural prey and play drive. The Twist N Treat unscrews for easy loading of treats and fast clean up. The adjustable opening allows for a variety of nibbles from peanut butter to cheese bits to kibble. The opening can be adjusted - wide to allow easier access for the dog to treats, or narrow for longer playtime.
The Twist N Treat is an ideal toy to use to increase a dog’s play/toy drive  and as a reward in training– your dog will scent the delicious treats in the toy and will want to chase it. Toss it as a reward to be chased and jackpot by treating it with a food treat from the toy. Use it to train a retrieve!
Great boredom busters for puppies and dogs and reduces destructive behaviours like chewing and digging
Available in 3 sizes – Small, medium and Large. Please select sizing tab on your left.

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