Dog cages can sometimes take up too much room, so when you’re in need of optimal boot space, we recommend Variogate, designed to fit most wagons, known as a Variogate. It features a double locking doors for added security. For dogs, a journey anywhere in their owner’s car is exciting, but without the proper equipment it can also be incredibly dangerous for both the pets and the people.

To create a truly secure environment in the boot, the Variogate should be used simultaneously (ideally) with a custom-fit partition/cargo barriers to limit access. In an accident, without a tough partition between the back seat and the boot, anything in the boot of a wagon or hatch (including your pet) has the capacity to fire through to the front at an alarming speed, which can be extremely hazardous. Also, without a cargo barrier for dogs or any protection within the boot lid, you can only imagine what the effects of an accident involving the rear of your vehicle may have.

How our cargo barriers for sale will help

Our gate and barriers can be adjusted to fit the majority of spaces delivering total peace of mind that your loved ones, two- and four-legged, will be completely safe on your car journey.We also have dividers that give you the ability to section off your boot space if needed. Free shipping is offered on our variogates and cargo barriers for sale throughout Australia.

How to purchase:

We have a range of products available for viewing. Please contact us to arrange a time for viewing and also for advice on which product is most suitable for your car and dog(s). RRP Variogate - $1,100.

When you have ascertained the most suitable product for your dog (s) and car, we will send you a Paypal invoice. The Varigate will be delivered to you upon payment of the invoice. We also offer an assembly and fitting service at a reasonable rate. Please contact us for details



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