What do I do when my dog pulls


My dream is to live in a society where dogs are respected and appreciated for what they are. I imagine a place where people take their dogs for walks with reciprocal pleasure: in urban traffic with harness and loose leash, free of leash in the park, the woods and fields. No shouting and scolding but a happy atmosphere of mutual understanding between dog and owner and a friendly tolerance with the other people. No-one who jerks or drags the dog by his neck; on the contrary, he can sniff interesting smells and look at what is going on around him. If you teach him quietly to walk well with a loose leash, remembering that you should respect his natural curiosity about his surroundings, the relationship with your best friend will grow and flourish.

Author profile:
Turid Rugaas has been working with dogs for more than forty years. At the end of the 80’s, along with her colleague Ståle Ødegard, she studied, described and systematized “Calming Signals” in the dogs. Her book and videos on the subject in their numerous translations have been, and are, amongst the best sellers in the specic eld where they constitute recognised points of reference all over the world.

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