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When Pigs Fly - Training Success with Impossible dogs

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Auhtor: Jane Killion

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
2007 Paperback, 198 pages 

Some breeds of dogs and mixes have a reputation as "impossible" to train. Hounds, terriers, and other breeds are often called pig-headed and even untrainable. Learn these "Pigs Fly" methods and take advantage of the natural strengths of these independent and intelligent dogs. Help your dog become a wonderful companion or a formidable canine athlete.

Do you have an impossible dog? Think again. Your dog is smart, a good problem solver and posesses a strong drive to get what he wants. Learn how to make your dog operant; a dog willing to seek out the correct behavior in return for a reward. You don't have to constantly feed your dog for good behavior. Learn how to use play and other activities as an effective reward. 

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