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16th - 17th December 2017
A G I L I T Y C O M P E T I T O R , F C I J U D G E , C R O A T I A N T E A M  L E A D E R ,
B R I L L I A N T  C O A C H , S E M I N A R  P R E S E N T E R .
1 7 T I M E S  W O R L D  C H A M P I O N S H I P S
1 5 T I M E  S E U R O P E A N O P E N
-A W C , E O , F M B B M E D A L I S T , N A T I O N A L  C H A M P I O N

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About Zeljko

I first came acquainted with agility in 1992 with my first mixed breed dog Astor and since then agility has become an integral part of my life.

After achieving rather good results without the possibility of competing at the European championships (those were the only available championships at that time) I decided to get a dog with a pedigree and it was a Belgian Shepherd-Malinois (Mel of Fanelly).

With Mel I first competed at the 1995 European Championships in Torino, Italy, and since then I am a member of Croatian National Agility Team. Mel's last World Championship was back in 2004 and the following year I became team leader of the Croatian National Agility Team.

In 2006 I qualified with my two and a half year old border collie Mawlch Nac, which unfortunately only competed once at the world championships since he suffered from epilepsy and died shortly afterwards.

In 2007 I competed with my Belgian Shepherd Malinois Djurdja (Croatian name Đurđa) Simply Divine with which I also competed in 2008, 2009 and in 2010 at the World Championships. At the World Championship in Germany in 2010 I also competed with my Border Collie named Mawlch Tip. Since 2010 Tip has been a part of the Croatian team at the World Championships - except in 2013 when the WC was held in South Africa.
In 2014 I attended my first World Championships together with Gunga, with who I started to compete in 2012.

The year 2010 has been the most successful yet in my agility career. With Đurđa I won 2nd place at the World Championships for Belgian Shepherds FMBB, 3rd place with Tip at the European Open Championship and 7th place at the World Championship.

All of my dogs, except my mix breed, have been part of the Croatian team at the European Championships, World championships and European open.

In addition to competing in agility I also hold seminars and judge international agility competitions. I find holding seminars useful not only for others but for myself as well because I get to know new people, learn about new cultures and countries.

I graduated in occupational therapy, but have never worked in my profession. The closest to my profession was working in the wellness centers as a masseuse, but my desire to work and compete with dogs gradually overruled so now I am completely devoted to agility competitions and seminars, as well as judging. 

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The organiser and presenter reserve the right to request the departure of any attendee that is considered not to be behaving appropriately. In this instance, the attendee will agree to leave and to the forfeiture of monies paid..

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