About Us

 Game on dogs was conceived from a love of training and love of dogs and a desire to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners.


It was the dark ages here when I started training my first siberian, Quintus over 18 years ago. My local dog club was still teaching with check chains. Quintus was a wild child as a puppy...I was told never to let her offleash and that siberians are difficult if not impossible to train.

With positive training, Quintus became my trusted right hand...she was bomb proofed. Over the years, Quintus and Camus (my second sibe) taught me to trust them and to establish a strong relationship of play and trust with them over merely handing over treats. They lived their lives playing agility, obedience and later on Rally O with all the off leash opportunities of the average dog.
As a novice trainer, I was hungry for knowledge that was not readily available in Australia at that time. I was also keen on using training motivators for my dogs that would improve our bond. In those days, apart from the usual pet store variety there were very little to choose from. So I launched Game On Dogs...initially more of a covert cover for my training & shopping addiction. I now own and train 6 BCs, every one of them an individual with their unique training needs so the search for knowledge and quality motivators continues...
With the BCs, I learnt that high drive dogs have a tendency to injure themselves from just “being themselves” !! Again I embarked on a search for knowledge of how to mitigate this tendency. This led me to a certificate of Animal Behaviour and a certificate of Canine Fitness Training and more shopping.....
To summarise, Game on dogs gear is a direct result of my love and devotion to all my dogs and the dog sports they participate in.