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Game on Dogs was conceived from a love of dogs, dog training and a desire to enhance the relationship between dogs and owners. The founder of Game on dogs has extensive experience in training and competing various dogs in obedience, rally- O, agility and sheep herding and has a strong commiment to science based learning.

The key to a happy relationship is co-operation & communication. It is our belief that a harmonious relationship is created best through a combination of  positive reward training and proactive management.
What makes your dog ‘tick’?  Different dogs are stimulated by different things- discovering what turns your dog 'on' is fundamental to a successful reward based training program.  

Our diverse range of products provides you with a wide selection of effective rewards to help you train your perfect companion. 
Home alone?  Check out our toys that will not only help eliminate boredom, but also develop your dog's intelligence and puzzle-solving skill. 


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