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Viola - Ultimate Treat Pouch
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100% Pure Undiluted, No milk powder or other additives!
With senior and active sport dogs, the role of supplements in ensuring their continued well being is crucial. One essential supplement is colostrum.
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Tracking for every dog
Enter the magical world of scent with this newly released book on tracking.
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Dog Training Decoded
Training is simple but not easy. Learn to create a harmonious, balanced relationship with your dog...
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Agility Skills Workbook
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Agility for Starters
Starting with exercises to encourage drive and motivation so your dog learns to tackle the equipment with confidence and enthusiasm.
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About Us

Discover a whole new level of dog training greatness!

Game on Dogs is built upon an unwavering love for animals and an unyielding conviction that training should always be a delightful endeavor without any stressors. Our ardent commitment to animal welfare, encompassing their mental and physical well-being, is what propels us forward.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our beloved canines through training and engagement in dogsports. With our extensive array of high-quality gear and toys, we aim to facilitate fun-filled and empowering experiences. Additionally, our carefully curated selection of books and DVDs is designed to promote enlightenment throughout your precious journey with your cherished companions. We take great pride in constantly sourcing top-notch products and providing genuine, compassionate customer service that reflects our genuine love for dogs, dogsports, and our commitment to our community.

At Game on Dogs, we've got a tight team of 6 diligent border collies and 2 awesome cats who handle all the training, quality control, and customer service. And don't you worry, any leftover tasks are smoothly managed by one human who totally appreciates your patience and understanding!

Loyalty Program

Building our community

Customer Enrichment

Game on Dogs team is ever ready to help with any queries on product, training and canine fitness

Customer Enrichment

Quality control and customer service

Private Coaching

Build a stronger bond with your dog through education, play and evidence based training. Game On Dogs private coachingย teaches you and your dog the joys of interactive play & training together. In a fun, stress free way you will learn to motivate your dog to work with you.

Personalised Training

Bespoke training covering the following: Young dog foundation Performance puppy foundation Engagement training -sports dog Life Skills and Agility

About the Instructor

Over 15 yrs ago the instructor acquired her first dog in Sydney, a siberian husky where upon she embarked on a journey to learn everything she can about behaviour and training. In addition to successfully competing 2 siberians in various dog sports, she has also trained and compete 6 working border collies from sheepwork to agility. Her special talents include recognising what each dog ticks...