Playing with your dog

Why play? Play helps animals to develop closer social ties within a group and at the same time to learn appropriate limits to rough and tumble games. A puppy that successfully learns the etiquette of friendly play is more likely to grow into a dog that is both fun and safe.

You too can develop a closer bond with your dog by establishing fun games to play together.  Games are often a more effective reward than food treats particularly in highly exciting and distracting areas such as a dog park.  While young dogs will play with almost anyone, as dogs mature they become more selective preferring established friends – either canine or human.  If you are the ‘games master’ offering opportunities to be active and burn off energy to your dog – he will be only too happy to pal around with you and ignore the other distractions.  Play seems to scratch the itch that the bored, alone at home dog is dying to satisfy and if you can provide it, you’ll be the centre of his life.

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