Puppy training

The first months you spend with your puppy are particularly vital to forming a solid foundation for your future life together for it will be up to you to show your pup what is expected of life in a human household.
Your puppy will have no concept of right or wrong, naughty or good, so it will be up to you to show him what leads to good things for dogs and what leads to nothing. 

3 simple steps to keep in mind:
1.Be clear in your own mind exactly what behaviour you want  your puppy to do. “Be good” is NOT a behaviour, “lie on your mat” is .
2.Manage your puppy by preventing the behaviors you do not want. For example, keep your puppy behind a barrier so he does not learn to run out the front door. 
3.Reward your puppy for the behaviours that you do want. When he toilets outside, praise and reward him with a treat. Behaviours which are rewarded will be repeated.

Remember, good management prevents unwanted behaviours and well timed rewards reinforce desirable behaviours. There should be no need for punishment – your puppy needs an education not intimidation.

Consequences build behaviour.