Resource guarding

In the canine world, possession is nine-tenths of ownership; it is quite common for dogs to resource guard in various ways ranging from tension in their bodies when we approach their food to potentially serious aggression.

It is important to teach dogs when they are puppies that your proximity to its food is not a threat. This can be done in a number of ways:

·     When your puppy is eating, approach its bowl and drops a several high value treats in it.

·     When your puppy has a toy or something it should not have, trade it for something better, like a piece of juicy roast chicken. Do not chase your puppy or force it to give it up – this will only encourage your puppy to be more defensive next time you approach.

Practice trading with your puppy and occasionally return the original item you traded for. If your puppy consistently receives a treat each time you approach and sometimes get back what it has given up, she will have no need to resource guard. She will view your proximity to be a predictor of more goodies to come.

If your dog is a serious resource guarder, seek advice from a positive professional trainer in