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Doggie-Zen Bungee Hol-ee Comet Chaser Tug


The Doggie-Zen Bungee Hol-ee Comet Chaser Tug is a wonderful chaser and tug toy that with all the different parts will entice and entertain your dog. The toy consists of a bungee handle, one part of short-haired fake fur that leads to one part of enticingly fluffy high quality fake fur, that ends with a JW Hol-ee Roller Football with a fluffy sheepskin tail. The possibilities are endless with our Comet.

The perfect toy for the hard-to-motivate dog. Tempt the dog with a fun game of chase with this long-handled toy.
• The long handle is ideal for owners of puppies and small dogs since you don't have to bend over to play.
• Teach your dog to love to tug by alternating between a fun game of chase and tugging.
• Made of enticingly fluffy sheepskin from Swedish sheeps.
• The sheepskin is organically tanned.
• Sheepskin is a very tough skin, it can vary in density and thickness.
• Made of enticingly fluffy high quality fake fur and a longer part of short-haired fake fur.
• The luxuary fake fur is thick and durable, and the dogs love it. The longer part of fake fur is thinner.
• Bungee reduces jarring of the dog’s neck and handler’s shoulder.
• Handle made of climbing-grade webbing, durable enough even for the toughest tuggers.
• Please note that Doggie-Zen toys are designed for active play between dog and handler. They are not designed for chewing.

All Doggie-Zen products are made in Sweden.

Play style: 

Balls, balls, balls

Tugging is everything

Give me a game of chase and I'm yours

Tugging Power: 




Size Total length: approximately 120 cm Handle: approximately 35 cm Fake fur: approximately 40 cm + 20 cm Sheepskin: approximately 12 cm Ball: JW Hol-ee Football S (11.5 x 6.5 cm)

Colors: Available in a variety of color combos. Due to the creative process, there may be differences in the colors listed below.

Size: There are two sizes of the JW Football used - Small and Mini and corresponds to toy sizes L and S

Wash care
The toy is NOT machine washable. When needed, submerge the handle and fake fur in water with a little washing powder. Hang up the toy to dry and brush out the fur.

Sheepskin: Sweden

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