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Aikiou Junior Dog Slow Feeder


Aikiou interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder

More then a dog slow feeder, the Aïkiou or “IQ” as it is pronounced, is a puzzle feeder where you can hide your dogs food. Many people dont know that dogs are used to bury part of their catch after hunting their prey. This is why dogs like to dig so much. With this dog puzzle feeder, your dog will eat at a slower pace and express their natural needs.

  • Searching for food is natural
  • It helps reduce ingestion speed
  • Helps prevent bloating

Note: The Aïkiou is designed as an interactive toy for both you and your dog to have fun together. The dog should not be left unsupervised with the bowl.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2.8 inch

Further details

Dogs need intellectual stimulation as well as physical activity. The Aïkiou Interactive Bowl was developed to meet that need. It gives your dog a chance to solve problems in the form of an interactive game between you and your dog. But besides using the Aïkiou as an anytime educational and fun activity, you can also use it as a food dish for meals. Because your dog will have to "forage" for his dinner, he will be eating his more slowly. This is a great aid for weight control – in addition to preventing your dog from inhaling his food, it also to prolong the enjoyment of a meal, thereby providing greater satisfaction.

The Aïkiou bowl has four double compartments, each with a sliding door that moves back and forth, and six compartments with a large spinning door. Food is hidden in the compartments and the dog accesses the hidden food by turning the wheel and opening the sliding doors. The spinning door comes off for ease of cleaning.


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