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Clicker Basic – for Dogs & Puppies

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Author: Carolyn Barney

Format: Paperback

Release date: 2007

It is a lot to manage – the clicker, treats, toy, leash, never mind the dog. Sometimes it is hard to remember what your instructor said about reinforcing recalls, what to do if your dog gest up during a sit-stay, or what to practise over the coming week. Carol Barney’s book is written just for you, supplementing what you learn in class with a quick overview of clicker theory and a series of homework progressions for basic behaviours.

Beyond providing the novice trainer with the nuts and bolts of clicker training, Clicker Basics for Dogs & Puppies offers a wealth of information about the concerns that most dog owners have: housetraining, crate-training, leash training, diet, neutering and spaying, puppy biting, chewing and fear behaviours.

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