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Planet Dog Rasberry Bungee with MOP Pocket Tug



The Planet Dog Raspberry Bungee with MOP Pocket Tug is a toy designed to fit snugly in your hand or pocket for ON THE GO training & reinforcement!

It has durable and flexible solid rubber ball in raspberry shape from Planet Dog Orbee Tuff range that is attached to a strong bungee made of webbing. Wrapping around ans stitched securely onto the webbing is the ever popular mop to entice the dog to grip. The handle is padded to protect the hands whilst tugging.

The Planet Dog's high quality Orbee Tuff Rasberry inspired ball feels comfortable in dog’ s mouth and has a pleasant mint scent.

Size Chart
XS – Ball height 4 cm. Size is ideal for small & medium breeds. Total length of toy is 44 cm

The Planet Dog's high quality Orbee Tuff Rasberry was designed primarily for small dogs but it is also popular with Border collie –sized dogs. Toy has narrow webbing (3/4inch width), so it fits in pocket easily and therefore nice and compact for training.

Please note that the tug toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing and should be kept out of dog’s reach when not training. Please monitor your dog and play safe.


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