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Doggie-Zen Holee Football Fleece and Faux fur Squeaky Bungee Tug


A toy with that little extra, to take your and your four-legged game to new heights! Fleece braid woven with thick luxury faux fur, the dogs' favorite Hol-ee Football (with the choice of having a pipe cushion stuffed) and an elastic handle for a more comfortable fighting experience as the elastic part reduces jerks for both the dog and the trainer during play.

Made of wonderfully fluffy luxury faux fur with bungee handle in different colors. The faux fur is thick and durable, and the dogs love it. Add a SQUEAKER & they go wild for it!

• JW Hol-ee Football, a stretchable netball that the dog can fight with.

• The handle is made of products that are also used by climbers, durable even for the strongest fights.

• Doggie-Zen toys are made for active play between dog and trainer, they are not made to let the dog lie and chew.

Size Total length: approx. 85 cm Handle: approx. 35 cm Braid: approx. 35 cm Ball: 7.6 cm

Washing instructions 
The toy should not be machine washed. If necessary, the toy can be dipped in water with a little detergent and then air dried. Shake dirt out of the coat.

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