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Channel weaves - 12 pole metal base


Channel weaves training fun!

Special Game on Dogs FB private group on Channel weaves training & different challenges available to all our supporters. Please contact us for inclusion after you place your order.

NEW DESIGN of training weaves now in stock! A set of 12 weave poles that can be converted to 2 x 6 fixed poles!

Being a massive weave hack, I have pondered for a number years on the most versatile weave design for training, pioneering the fully convertible weave set ( convertible to 2 by 2, set so 3, 6 & 12) and also a fixed 12 channel weaves. You name it, I have tested them with a  multitude of dogs! Now armed with all my experience gained, I believe I have designed the most versatile TRAINING weave set.

With this design you have the option to train ENTRIES & distraction with only 6 poles to achieve a high reinforcement schedule. To train footwork, gait and commitment, we can simply combine the 2 sets of 6 poles with a  flat metal connector to form a full set of 12 poles! GENIUS!!

This long awaited and dreamt of weave design has finally ARRIVED and I have treated myself to a new set (that's all I need, another set of training weaves!) and will be uploaded different training challenges on our special FB group.

The original design of a FIXED set of 12 poles is still available...see options in tab.


DUE TO BULK, SHIPPING can only be done to physical addresses and NOT PO boxes. Couriers are Authority to Leave at door unless requested otherwise. Shipping costs will be quoted and invoiced separately via Paypal AFTER you place your order - please check your spam folder

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Color of poles

12 poles, convertible to 6 fixed poles - Blue & White 

Fixed 12 poles -BLUE & Yellow

Metal base - painted metallic grey

* Irregularities of paint finishes do not affect function of the weaves.

Do you want fast and fautless weaves? Reliable weaves that would succeed under any challenges?

The channel weaves are the way to go!

Colour: metal bases with ANKC spacing, 12 blue and yellow poles, carry bag

​Dimensions: as per ANKC - 600mm spacing

weight 17kgs.

DUE TO BULK, SHIPPING can only be done to physical addresses and NOT PO boxes. Couriers are Authority to Leave at door only. If you have a problem with security, please contact us for a separate quote on SIGNATURE only delivery. 

  • Great for training SPEED & drive through the weaves
  • High intensity DISTRACTION training
  • The zigzag metal base assist the dog to learn the rhythm of 12 weaves and acquire good FOOTWORK
  • The base is made of painted metal and are collapsible to pack in a bag (supplied) for easy portability to train at different locations. PORTABLE
  • Weave base is stable enough not to require pegging with a 400 dog. 
  • Pegs are supplied
  • ANKC spacing
  • The poles are BLUE & Yellow or BLUE & WHITE and comes in a separate carry bag
  • Need help progressing your weaves? Detailed information available on
  • Product care and Warranty 

    To get the most out of your product, we recommend NOT leaving the item outside for long periods of time as some elements may rust. 
    Please review the demo video of product assembly and care carefully

    This product is guaranteed for six months of (personal use only) from date of purchase if proper care instructions have been followed. 

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