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Advanced Jumping 3-DVD set


Author: Susan Salo

Format: DVD, 3 discs, NTSC format
Running Time: 2 hours, 40 minutes
Bonus Materials: 4 training articles and 16-page companion booklet in PDF format
Release Date: 2009

In the Foundation Jumping program, we worked on grids to develop the dog's jumping mechanics. We presented the dog with an opportunity to hone the skills needed to master each component involved in jumping: path, distance, appropriate takeoff place, weight transfer, angle of elevation, and height. The gridwork included in the Advanced Jumping program continues to build on these concepts, with the focus now more on striding and how the dog reads distance. There are also fewer straight-line grids and more bendwork, so adjusting to changes in path and driving the tight line are an important part of the work for the dog. Handling and proofing of motion and speed become a bigger part of the gridwork as well.

Like the Foundation Jumping program, the goal of each grid is to develop the dog's instant recognition of the task in front of him so he can quickly assess the best and quickest way to get from jump to jump. When a dog understands how to jump, he will run more smoothly, efficiently, and decisively; therefore, he will be faster and less prone to injury.

As a bonus, this 3-DVD set includes a 16-page PDF file with notes and diagrams for all of the exercises on the DVD as well as PDF files for four articles that Susan has written for Clean Run magazine.

Note: The work in the Advanced Jumping program assumes that you understand the concepts covered in the Foundation Jumping program, and that you have proofed each foundation grid with motion.


The following PDF files are included on Disc 3. You need Adobe Acrobat to read these files.

  • Companion Notes: A 16-page companion booklet for this DVD set
  • Balance at the Start Line
  • The Impact of Footing on the Jumping Dog
  • Jumps: From the Dog's Perspective
  • Why Teach Your Dog to Jump?

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