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Fluffy Squid Puppy Teaser


Latest addition to Game on dog's exclusive range of quality dog toys imported from Europe! Step into the realm of creativity and designer dog training toys with this quirky range of toys from Europe!

The Fluffy Squid Puppy Teaser promises to delight the dog with its soft tantalising ends made of rabbit fur and sheep fleece and long bungee that can be dragged on the ground to simulate prey. A bungee section connecting the squid to a long webbing protects us and our puppy from the crazed tugging that this toy is bound to create!

The Fluffy Jelly Fish Puppy Teaser is perfect toy for puppies and dogs who are reluctant to play.

Available in 2 sizes

BIG squid - soft tug potion approx 35 cm in length -Total length approx 130cm

MONSTER squid - soft tug potion approx 50 cm in length - plenty for pup to pounce on!

Total length of tug from toy to end of handle approximates 130 cm. Get ready to RUN!

 Supervised play only.


"Long handle with a bungee cord allows you to make the chase fast and dynamic and you can keep the game going even if the dog prefers the distance. The biting surface of the toy is big enough for the dog to catch easily and the 2 furry tails make the toy even more interesting in the chasing phase.

It has just enough filling to provide biting pleasure, but it remains soft enough for more delicate dogs. It is a toy that every puppy of mine grows up with and it has helped many dogs with motivational issues find the joy in playing."


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