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Zentek Crate pad


Offered in various sizes, Zentek introduces pads for the comfort of your dog while in a crate. Using performance fabric Comfortemp® the Zentek crate pad is a temperature regulating bed: Great for hot days – no need to soak mats in water to keep your dog cool and believe it or not, the same mat will keep your dog warm in winter.

Dogs have a limited ability to regulate their body temperature. They can only cool through their paws or pant to cool through their lungs. All dogs need assistance regulating their body temperature. Dogs with little fat or fur need extra protection against the elements.

 With Comfortemp® in all of Zentek Clothing’s Products and crate pads, it will make your pet stay warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is hot.

The Zentek crate pad is about 2/3” thick and comprises 2 different sides – a nylon smooth shell that does not collect your dog’s hair and a nylon mesh with a layer of Comfortemp® fabric next to it. Inside the mat is also a layer of fleece for added softness. You can use either side of the mat for your dog to lie on. You can also use the Zentek pad on top of your regular mat.

Lightweight, yet a cooling pad in the summer. In the winter, warms your dog, but repels mud and water.

Comfortemp Fabric®- the technology

The technology behind this unbelievable product is Comfortemp® , “intelligent” non wovens into which micro encapsulated Phase Change Materials (mPCMs) have been integrated. The mPCMs interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures: in hot weather, the mPCMs absorb excess body heat to keep your dog cool whilst in cold weather, the mPCMs release stored heat back to the body, providing warmth to the dog.

PCM technology was originally developed in the 60’s for use in NASA space suits.

The military has used this material to hide troops in Iraq because it made any heat image invisible to infrared cameras.

 They interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures. mPCMs are Phase Change Materials that are contained inside a durable microcapsule. PCM, are substances that can change their physical state because of external forces such as temperature.
How does this work in the Zentek crate Pad?

When the surface temperature of the dog rises above the preset temperature of 85 degrees, the mPCMs automatically absorbs and stores excess body heat, causing a cooling effect from the dog’s body, cooling the animal. When the outside temperature drops below 85 degrees, the PCM reverts from a liquid back to a solid and automatically releases the stored heat back to the dog. This keeps your dog in the comfort zone longer.

Because air moving over the fabric “recharges” it and allows the mat to absorb even more heat, the manufacturer recommends putting the Zentek mat on top of your regular crate pad.

Available Sizes:

Small 24” x 18”

Medium 30”x 20”

Large 36”x 23”

Extra large 48”x 30” 

Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Wash colours separately. Do not bleach. Do not use fabric softeners. Hang to dry. Do not wash in hot water and do not put in hot dryer.


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