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New Puppy! Now What?

$20.00 $39.00

Author: Victoria Schade

Format: DVD

Release date: 2006

So you’ve got a new puppy! That probably means you’ve got new stains on the rug, nibbled fingers and ripped up shoes. Now What?

New Puppy! Now What?  will help you navigate the perils of puppyhood with a sense of humour. The Clear instructions, stunning visuals and gentle, light hearted approach makes it easy for you to learn how to conquer the common challenges of puppyhood and beyond. You will learn how to:

·         Solve the most difficult house training issues

·         Master the secrets of crate training

·         Benefit from early puppy socialisation

·         Address mouthing and nipping

·         Engage your puppy in great games to burn off energy

·         Exercise sit, come and down commands

·         Teach your pup not to jump on guests

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