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  • Finally a Giant donut for the bigger dogs! Dimensions: 45x80cm
  • Advanced tool
  • Inflate the device to the specified size (height), let it rest for the first day and then pump it after approx. 4 weeks. The amount of air has an influence on the stability of the device. The less air the greater the challenge for the dog.
  • Flexiness®Fitness Tools for:

    • Agility & flexibility
    • Body feeling & balance
    • muscle building
    • Holder binding & concentration
    • injury prevention

    Like all Flexiness® products, the Big Donut is made from a very stable PVC. Make sure that the claws of the dogs were trimmed before training.

    Important information!

    How do I pump the tools? 
    The Flexiness® tools can be inflated with a standard ball or bicycle pump. With caution, you can also use a compressor.

    How do I pump the tools? 
    Please note that the amount of air in the tools has an influence on the training. The more plumper the tool and the easier the dog, the lower the resistance and accordingly 
    less training effect. Pay attention to the age and fitness condition of your dog. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian or therapist. 
    Important: After the tools have been pumped up for the first time (exception disc), please after about 2-3 days
    pump again so that they can develop their full size. The balls and donuts reach the final size only a few weeks after the first inflating. It may happen that a device is not 100% horizontal due to production reasons. However, the slight slope does not affect the 
    quality of the device or training. You can even consider this as an extra challenge.

    Size of the devices
    The indicated sizes are RICHTWERTE. The devices are not after the first pump not the max. Have reached size. Please give the material time. Slight +/- deviations are possible.

    How can I clean the tools? 
    The tools are easy to clean with water or glass cleaner. For hygienic reasons we recommend to do this regularly. As a result, the surface is again 'sticky' and the possibility of slipping again greatly reduced. 
    Maximum load? 
    The maximum load of the devices is 150kg (even).

    The tools are clawed but not hardy. Please pay attention to good claw care.

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