One Jump Two Jump 4 DVD Set


Author: Sandy Rogers

Format: DVD, 4 discs

Running Time: 3 hrs 39 mins

Release date: 2009

The object of the game of agility is pretty simple. To succeed, you need a dog that knows where he’s going next, knows when to turn and knows when to accelerate to the next obstacle. And you need to be in sync with your dog and have a clear method of communication.

The drills in this DVD are designed to help all levels of dogs and handlers perfect the skills they need to be in sync with each other and are intended to be used throughout a team’s agility career. As the dogs master these drills, you’ll find them more easily them more easily putting together sequences in course work. And you’ll find that you’re able to identify the drills in parts of courses which improve your ability to handle those sequences so that the feeling of being in sync with your dog starts to happen more often.

The really exciting thing about the One Jump Two jump program is that it can be accomplished using just two jumps. This makes the program very doable for people with limited equipment, training space and time. You can practise some of the drills in your living room!

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