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Wind Tamer Agility Weight Bags


These small, economical weight bags are perfect for holding down jumps, tire jumps, seesaw bases, and more! They're easy to use and easy to move.

Wind Tamer Weight Bags are made out of ripstop nylon with waterproof PVC backing. They will hold up to 15lbs. of sand or other weighted materials, but their unique design allows them to be made smaller just by rolling the top over several times, giving you great flexbility of use. 

Each unfilled bag measures approximately 14" tall by 10" wide and has a quick-release buckled with PVC webbing. Fill the bag with the weighted material of your choice (we recommended first putting the material in plastic baggies) and then roll the top down and seal the bag closed by buckling it. You can also use the buckle to fasten the bag to obstacles.

Keep your obstacles where you put them with Wind Tamer Weight Bags.

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